Error Handling

In case you face an error, while using VarenX, it's alway a good idea to report the error to the #support channel, inside the Varen Finance Discord Server

The most important thing when facing an error on VarenX is to stay calm. While interacting with the renVM bridges, we encountered numerous situations, where funds seemed to be stuck or lost.

Until now there was no error case, where a fund recovery wasn't successful.*

*as long as the user sent his funds to the displayed gateway address

Swapping a Native Asset

Swapping doesn't work

There are several reasons, why the swap of a native currency on VarenX could result in an Error. Follow these steps, whenever you face a situation, where you're unable to perform a swap:

Check if the confirmations amount of the transaction to the gateway address meets the required threshold

Sometimes a transaction shows as Signed while it is till in confirmation state. Use the links provided in the minting overview to verify if your transaction to the gateway is ready to be swapped.

Check if you selected a output currency

If you see a spinning X next to the output field click on it and select an output currency for your swap.

Try a different output currency

Sometimes your desired output currency can't be reached by the router.

For example: You try to swap native DGB to XYZ, but XYZ only has XYZ/ABC liquidity while (ren)DGB is only paired with ETH and there is no way to get from ETH to XYZ or ABC. Also very little liquidity on the output token can cause a swap to error out, so you don't loose any money.

Try the renAsset counterpart of your native input

If you're trying to swap a native currency to a different currency and you can't seem to make it work (maybe because the market is to volatile or there is not enough liquidity), just select the corresponding renAsset to your native currency, you sent to the gateway address.

You should consider using that renDGB by providing it to the renDGB/ETH pair on SushiSwap (, so others won't experience the same issue in the future.

Try to mint your asset via RenVM Explorer

If nothing of the above works, you can head over to the RenVM Explorer, by clicking on "View transaction" next to the "RenVM" label in the minting overview. You'll be provided with an overview of your mint. Click on "Load additional details" and wait for the information to be loaded. Now you'll be able to connect your wallet (the wallet you were connected to VarenX with, while sending the funds to the gateway address) and will be able to complete the mint, by clicking on "Submit" and signing the transaction.

Nothing of the above works

If nothing of the above works and you're presented an error text on the RenVM Explorer, don't worry, there is still a chance to "unstuck" your funds.

Copy the RenVM hash of your transaction from the[yourRenVMHash] page you got to by clicking on "View transaction" next to the "RenVM" label on VarenX and contact our team via the #support channel in the Varen Finance Discord Server

We'll pass your information along to the REN team and they will take care of getting you funds out of the RenVM, so that you can continue swapping via VarenX or any other DEX on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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