As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the trajectory of the Varen DAO is determined by the community through voting on governance proposals


Governance is the process of interaction and decision-making among the stakeholders of a given project, in this case the Varen DAO. It determines how decisions are made and where the community wants to direct funds from the Varen treasury. It is also the way rules, norms, and actions are proposed, structured, sustained, regulated, and upheld.


$VRN token holders, who are the primary stakeholders of the system, make decisions by voting on project proposals. In addition, stakeholders participate in governance by engaging with the community and other stakeholders in places like the Discord, where consensus and support for proposals is built. Voting happens on the Snapshot page of Varen Finance.


Proposals are created to communicate any new project changes and provide a framework for the community to support or reject those changes. Guidelines have been established for presenting new ideas to the community in a clear and accessible manner for the members to make an informed decision. Proposals are posted on the Varen governance forum.

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