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Varen Finance is an Ethereum based multi-chain DeFi hub and a community-governed DAO. We build user-friendly DeFi products to enable an interoperable and multi-chain world. Varen Finance is led by a core team of community members that have taken over the project via formal DAO processes.

Varen is partnered with Ren protocol and together with Ren Labs ecosystem projects will continue to build out cross-chain infrastructure, with a heavy emphasis on community and retail friendly user experience.


Varen Finance’s first product in partnership with Ren is VarenX, a Sushiswap-style UX for cross-chain swaps between Ethereum and any Ren supported native chains (Bitcoin, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Terra Luna, Filecoin, Z-Cash etc.). It allows users to convert any ERC-20 to any L1 native asset, or L1 native to L1 native, in a single swap.

With the upcoming VarenXplorer, users will be able to see each individual transaction within a VarenX swap, bringing clarity and transparency to cross-chain UX.

Swap cross-chain now at https://varenx.com/

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